Maui Yacht Charter

Maui is all about the water. From whale watching to diving, Maui no ka oi! (Maui is the best!)

The Valley Isle

The Valley Isle’s world-famous spots to visit include driving the Hāna Highway, ride a bike or hike to Haleakalā National Park, home of Haleakala Volcano (dormant), and visit the quaint port town of Lahaina. The main port-of-call for cruise ships is at Kahului; however, there is a smaller port at Lahaina Harbor plus another at Maʻalaea Harbor (located between Lahaina and Kihei). Lahaina is one of the main attractions on the Island with an entire street of shops and restaurants leading to a wharf where Noelani, your charter boat, will take you out for a sunset cruise or whale-watching journey. The giant creatures inhabit Maui waters in the winter where they give birth and vacation until spring. Hopefully, you will have the thrill of seeing a whale breach (it seems as if they are jumping clear out of the water)! It is a moment of nature that will leave you with eyes wide and jaw-dropping. The Hāna Highway runs along the east coast of Maui, curving around mountains and passing by black sand beaches and waterfalls. Spectacular views from your charter yacht, Noelani, are easier and safer than driving this highway with curve after curve, after curve. Snorkeling, surfing, and windsurfing are also popular on Maui’s many broad beaches.

Escape the shore

Create new memories of Maui beyond what you’ve had. Venture farther, dive deeper and see shores hidden to the land-locked. Fully experience all the aloha that Hawaii has to offer aboard Noelani. 

Create your Mahui experience