Kauai Yacht Charter

The Napali Coast is calling.

The Garden Isle

KAUAI is called the Garden Isle and for good reason. This tiny Hawaiian Island is the most spectacular Island, lush green and fertile with dramatic mountains, waterfalls, caves, and no fewer than four state parks. Waimea Canyon State Park is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific Islands. The wettest place on Earth is on Kauai, Mt. Wai’ale’ale, with the most recent precipitation at over 374 inches a year. The ocean variations that surround Kauai are equally impressive – some in calm waters off sandy beaches as seen in more than 70 films made on Kauai. Others along with the Na Pali Coast thrill adventurers. Quaint towns like Poipu, Hanalei, Princeville, Anahola, Koloa, and Hanapepe are just a few of the places where “talk story” is an art form. A custom-designed charter tour on Noelani, if only to the harbor of Lihue will let you fall in love with Kauai.

Time Stands Still

Take advantage of being in the most geographically remote place on earth. On the water, you’ll feel a freedom that alludes most on land. Warm waters teem with life, inviting you to dive in. Answer the call to adventure aboard the Noelani.

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