Yacht Charter Vacation

Visitors and kama’aina alike find the excursions on the Noelani charter boat awe-inspiring. Yacht charters are the perfect way to explore Hawaii.


The Gathering Place. Travelers and kama’aina alike come together on Oahu, the capital of the state, and the city/county seat of Honolulu.

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This tiny Hawaiian Island is spectacular. An island lush, green and fertile with dramatic mountains, waterfalls, caves and no fewer than four state parks.

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Lahaina is one of the main attractions on the Island with an entire street of shops and restaurants leading to a wharf where Noelani, your charter boat, will take you out for a sunset cruise, diving, or whale-watching journey.

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Noelani as a Destination

Charter this luxury yacht for the most exclusive private getaway imaginable. Whether you are visiting the islands for the first time, were born here, or lived here for 30 years, when you charter Noelani, you are in for the most amazing day of your life. You can even arrange for a week’s adventure charter complete with private chef, and all the equipment needed to enjoy surf and sun with no one to interrupt your leisure experience.

The Perspective You're Looking For

From Oahu with its city views, Diamond Head, Koko Head, Chinaman’s Hat, to Maui with its picturesque port town of Lahaina and giant winter visitors to a luxurious yacht tour to the enchanting, lush Kauai. Get a new perspective on Hawaii, from offshore aboard the Noelani.