Activities in the Hawaiian Waters

On the Noelani, we provide all you need to enjoy your cruise to the fullest from Dive Master to Personal Chef.

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“We booked the Noelani for an 8 hour charter in Maui. The experience was 5 star amazing! We were picked up from the beach in front of our villa in Wailea and whisked away for snorkeling and paddleboarding at Molekini. Afterward, the captain took us to a beautiful spot off the coast of Lanai. There we enjoyed jumping off the boat and swimming. On our way back to Wailea we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the onboard chef. She treated us to the most delicious food and snacks all day and we were never without a drink in hand. The entire crew did a fantastic job of anticipating our every need plus so much more. We will definitely book again the next time we are in Hawaii!”

Standup Paddle

Get on the water – literally! We’ve got the equipment to make your paddling dreams come true. With nothing but sky, water and a few marine friends, you’ll have the time of your life. Get a great workout while you enjoy the unmatched coastline of Hawaii’s shores.


To fully appreciate Hawaiian waters, you’ve got to dive in! Year-round warm temperatures make exploring the underwater environment ideal. Hawaii boasts more than 85% of all coral reefs in the United States. Hawaiian waters teem with life. In fact, of the more than 500 species found here, approximately 1/4 are found only in Hawaii. They are our true native residents.

Scuba Dive

If you’re certified, we’ll provide a day of diving like no other. Swim with rays and green sea turtles. Explore a sunken wreck. You never know who you’ll meet – an octopus, eel, crustacean, or exotic fish. You might even swim with dolphins or sharks! We’ll make sure you find what you’re looking for!

Spear Fish

Spear fishing from the Noelani is a treat. We’ll take you to the blue water spots for the once in a lifetime experience. This activity is not for first-timers. Seasoned spear fishers are welcome.

Whale Watching

Hawaiian waters are home to the largest mammals on the planet. From December to April, upwards of 10,000 humpback whales enjoy our warm waters. It’s the ideal place to give birth and raise their young each year.

But it’s not just whales, Hawaii is home to 18 different kinds of marine mammals.

The Noelani is frequently surrounded by dolphins. Hawaii has four native species – Spinner, Bottlenose, Rough-toothed, and Spotted. These playful creatures amaze and entertain as they join the party!

The Hawaii Green Sea Turtle is always close by. These turtles are also protected, but their friendly nature makes spotting them a frequent delight.

Our crew knows the best spots to go and will guide your experience. Bring your sense of adventure, we’ll provide the best day ever!

Dining with a Personal Chef

No luxury cruise would be complete without the exquisite food and service that we offer aboard the Noelani. We hand-pick our chefs with the highest standards. Guests comment they haven’t had a better meal in all of Hawaii. With nothing but the freshest ingredients, our chef will prepare a feast fit for royalty. Who knows, you may even dine on the fresh catch you just caught.

Spa Experience

Enhance your relaxation with a luxurious massage. Gaze out at the water as your stress melts away under the skilled hands of your personal masseuse. Various styles and treatments are available.


Make the memories of your time aboard the Noelani last forever. Our photographer will ensure that all your precious moments are captured. Your charter may end, but the joy is yours to keep!


Take a romantic cruise off the shores of Waikiki for the weekly fireworks show. Every Friday night, the skies light up with fireworks for a magical evening.

Other Activities

  • Photoshoots
  • Dock parties
  • Romantic Getaway
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • VIP Birthday
  • Corporate Event
  • Poker Party
  • Entertaining VIP Clients
  • Filming

Book Your Adventure

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